Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 13


Craft a One Line Brand Message to Compel People to JoinYour Cause

I’m going to show you exactly how to craft YOUR undisputable message. This is seriously one of the most powerful strategies you can use when you’re talking to potential members, partners, donors, and other business relations. If you have a team, you can use this in your training to get them excited and extremely clear on your brand’s primary objective. Your Undisputable Message essentially summarizes what you do in an incredibly intentional way. As an example, here is mine: I help CEOs build companies that honor their finances, passions and families. That is my undisputable message. I own it with excitement and drive, because it’s what I love to do. Your undisputable message needs to make you feel that same way. It’s your own personal mantra that gets your head in the game and lights you up in networking settings. As you can see, your undisputable message can declare what you do, without your having to go into details about your products or services. As long as your message comes across with clarity, you can customize it to your business. The key here is to tap into your authentic branding of your business so it truly can be undisputable. You want that authenticity so that your message is transparent and accurate. When you Google me, look at my social media, or if you come to my house, you’ll see that my message is legitimately undisputable. You’ll see that I am obsessed

with this mission and that I am a CEO who really does honor my finances, passions, and family, so the proof is there. It’s undisputable. I’m my own success story, and you want to be your own success story, too! Here is how I break it down into a precise formula.

Cool, right? It makes it so easy to plug in your unique message in order to make it your own. Let’s Play! How to Play Write down your words in the appropriate spaces that reflect the formula in Figure 2 below. The first set of spaces allows you to write multiple choices. Play, mix, and match combinations until you find a combination that resonates with you most, to form your undisputable message.

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