Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 13

As a nonprofit, you’ll face challenges because there often isn’t the same type of funding to promote your brand. But you still must allocate something to bringing your message out to the world. “It’s hard to encourage donations for a brand that people haven’t heard of,” says Hayes Roth, Chief Marketing Officer at Landor. “This is about change. This isn’t just about getting a cool logo. It’s about making a promise to your constituency – inside and outside your organization.” What You Can Do Your branding reflects your personality, from your logo, design, and colors, to your language, content, and the way your people interact. Think of your brand as the face of your nonprofit. It’s your ambassador, building a sense of trust. It’s creating a shortcut for donors to select your cause. And it’s establishing a rapport with prospective donors, clients, and supporters. Your brand positions your nonprofit as a distinct leader. To move forward with your branding, keep these tips in mind: • Brainstorm with your team. Select words that capture your unique traits, qualities, and characteristics. • Create a 3-5 word statement of your nonprofit’s promise. • Highlight the differences achieved by your organization. • Market your program to build a positive brand response. Remember that a small investment in your nonprofit’s branding and stories can yield a great return. You’ll benefit from increased awareness, and more followers and donors for your cause. One of my nonprofit clients received a surprise $100,000 donation from Chicago’s mayor because their story made it to the front page of a Sunday Chicago Tribune. Don’t wait. Take the time now to build your brand. Your shining light will make a bigger difference when others can find you. Lynn Sanders, President/Founder and Story Marketing Mentor at Difference Makers Media, LLC, has been serving corporate clients, small businesses and nonprofit organizations since 1985. Her training includes writing, videos, marketing consulting, and helping clients build their branding through innovative techniques.

The Managerial Leadership Bible Second Edition Learning the Strategic , Organizational and Tactical Skills Everyone Needs Today

This comprehensive handbook is your personal mini management seminar on identifying organizational excellence – and then Achieving It! World renowned executive trainer and consultant, Jeffrey Magee, helps you recognize the management approaches that work best, and then model your own strategies and tactics after these success stories. Packed with action plans and templates, this edition is designed to help you start driving ROI from its techniques right now. You’ll learn how to choose your optimal style and approach for every individual and team interaction, stimulating maximum performance from everyone around you. Categories includes: • Defining a mission statement for a new view of success • Analyzing your players for team success • Developing your “Winning Habit” paradigm • Converting negativity to positive outcomes • Speed reading personalities, negotiating win-win outcomes and building alliances • Creating your winning management game plan • Avoiding the deadly leadership sins that destroy performance • And, many others... Now with 60% new content focused on today’s management challenges, teams and employees, this edition is more valuable than ever. It will be the indispensable resource for new and established supervisors, managers and leaders – especially those rising from frontline management to executive roles. • Mastering 9 tactical steps to high impact leadership • Interviewing, hiring and promoting the right talent

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