Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 12

Next Issue Highlights

Is your brand understood by your stakeholders, board, staff, and the community? Does everyone in the culture faithfully represent the brand? Is your brand still current? Your brand is far more than a logo. Understanding the components of branding is the key: brand image, brand promise, brand message, brand personality, ways to create and share the organization’s brand. Clergy and nonprofit leaders often don’t really consider why their brand image and brand promise are critical to their success and to their ultimate sustainability in funding. In the next issue, we will deal with branding from the following perspectives: • Strategy - How strategic planning is essential to define your brand • Culture - How everyone in the organization represents the brand • Marketing - How marketing can contradict your brand image or support it • Events - How live or virtual events support and educate people about your brand • Funding - How lack of clear brand image or brand promise limits giving These are the key topics…expect more.

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