Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 12

Publisher’s Corner

Partnership and Collaborations Issue In the world of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), there is much to do and many important things to accomplish. It’s a call to action that is bigger than any single organization (or even any small group of organizations) can accomplish without teaming up with others seeking common outcomes. Some even say that there are too many tax-exempt organizations, resulting in a higher inefficiency due to lack of sufficient resources to support all of them, indicating that some should close. In this edition of Nonprofit Performance 360 Magazine , we offer ideas on how local charities and membership organizations can rally together to provide maximum impact within existing resources. Combining efforts and aligning projects eliminates duplication, exposes blind spots, and encourages donors to step up to a bigger commitment in giving. Donors give for impact.They want to see results, not just activity. Read and learn from the stories and teachings in this issue.Then take the concepts to your community, striving to streamline the efforts and operate at a higher functioning in order to have greater results for those who need the most. I’m especially happy to share the partnerships and collaborations that are shaping the future of the city in which I live and in which SynerVision Leadership Foundation is based: Lynchburg, Virginia. Enjoy!

Hugh Ballou

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