Nonprofit Performance 360 Issue 12

comprised of a talented team of committed and empathetic staff. ILS employees have extensive experience in case management, in-home counseling, directing independent living arrangements and licensed child placement agencies, operating residential facilities, and serving as foster and adoptive families. ILS aids youth in reaching their potential socially, academically, and vocationally, through creating relationships, community, and permanency. In the autumn of 2014, ILS expanded its reach to the community through the introduction of outpatient counseling,therapeutic mentoring, and other community-based services. DePaul Community Resources, a provider of foster care, adoption, sponsored residential, and support services, won our Promotional Package, which included a rebranding consultation with Jacob Hunter Design, 10 Pillars of Wealth training with SynerVision Leadership Foundation, and Board Leadership consultation with Ray Buchanan. Several nonprofit organizations that were not able to participate this year want to make sure they are signed up for next year. What’s Next for Power ofWe Lynchburg? We have very good hard-copy versions of our Lynchburg nonprofit resources, but being able to access our resources digitally could truly make a difference in connecting the general public to resources that will meet their needs. We are excited to partner with Collison Corner of New Leaf Employment to create an online nonprofit resources database that can be easily accessed by the general public and nonprofits. We recognize the potential of Power of We Lynchburg to evolve into a movement across our nation and around the globe. If you’d like to bring the Power of We to your com- munity, visit thepowerofwelynchb.wixsite. com/website/mycity to get started! Follow us via Instagram at powerofwelynchburg and Facebook at PowerofWeLynchburgVA.

Power of We Lynchburg’s premiere nonprofit expo was held in September 2018, at Tree of Life Ministries’ outdoor event space for the Lynchburg community. Our inaugural event was an opportunity for nonprofits to network, and to visit our nonprofit resource area which included the Center for Nonprofits, SynerVision Leadership Foundation, Patrick Henry Family Services’ roundtable discussion, Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation, Collison Corner, Lynchburg Nonprofit Resources Online Database, and many more organizations, and for the public to learn about the fantastic nonprofits in our area. We were fortunate to collaborate with Steward to generate volunteer interest for Power of We Lynchburg. Steward is a movement of Liberty University students who are committed to seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come to Lynchburg through acts of service and the cultivation of community. College students, although poor in resources, are rich with time, energy, and passion, and Steward believes it is their job as followers of Jesus to learn to steward what they have, when they have it. Steward partners with local nonprofits to support and contribute to their on-going presence in the community, acting as a network that pairs dreamers, who don’t know where to start, with doers, who don’t have enough hands available. Steward serves the greater Lynchburg community in secular, government, and Christian ministry. We had over 30 nonprofits participate in our Expo, while DJ Jack Edma donated his time and talent by providing our musical ambience. The trunk-case is a way for nonprofits to showcase their organization through a literal trunk-case booth designed to encourage community members to experience the heart of who they are. These experiential displays

truly made a difference in connecting the nonprofits to the general public. We developed a Community Needs Assessment Questionnaire which was given out to the general public during our event. The results are being compiled, and they will be shared with all of our participating nonprofits and the City of Lynchburg. The Power of We Rally was very uplifting and empowering, and had a celebratory mood, as we poured into the participating nonprofits, just as they have provided their resources to our community. We appreciate our emcee McKinley Cardwell, and Ashley Johnson, local artist from Lynchburg, for donating their time and talents as both performed. Hugh Ballou, President of SynerVision International, Inc., and Claudia Fletcher, Director of Programming for Patrick Henry Family Services, gave Empowerment Shots to our participating nonprofit organizations. We partnered with local businesses and restaurants to give away several gift cards from our Chill Clients Meeting Package. Impact Living Services won a $500 scholarship which was given to us by the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation.

Impact Living Services (ILS) was created by a team seeking to provide independent living services to youth and young adults by focusing on developing permanency in a community of youth and staff that would transcend their time of placement within a program. ILS operates under the principle that no youth desires to participate in a program, but all desire to become a part of a lasting community. ILS is

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