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together goes beyond the faith base. A community is comprised of anybody and everybody. If we exclude anybody from the group, we are going back to discriminatory aspects of achieving things. The biggest barrier in our community is the division within the faith community. We have to get over that first. When my father was ministering in Brooklyn, he worked with everybody to bring in the love of Christ. Christ’s love is something we need to show to everyone by our action, not by preaching alone. We get so deep into our own thought patterns and traditions that we forget that God has called a lot of different people. Government needs to do its part in Unity in Our Community. This is everybody. We have begun to unite the faith community in a common vision about how we can use our differences together. People show up when they’re invited. We want to just run an announcement and expect people will show up. Some will. But until we give that personal invitation, there is no relationship base. Making the Good Better We have been able to make a huge impact by identifying our community needs. We have poverty, homelessness, people who are coming out of prison with no place to go, and mental illness. We have areas that affect everybody.This is not just a black and white thing; it’s a human thing. We need to focus on humans, not racially divided issues. How do we, as a team, tackle them together? We are involving some of the major contributors to our community in a collaboration to address these issues. That is something that didn’t happen in the past, but the effort is happening daily. It takes time and relationship, and a sincere heart to want to make a difference.This is not about you trying to do something, but if you have been commissioned to do something, you have to go do it.We won’t get everybody on board.They may not be ready yet. But time will change people. If they tune themselves directly to what God wants them to do, then they will understand that God has a bigger and better plan for them than what they can contain in their

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mind. Everybody has been called to do different things. You might be called to do something here in Lynchburg, or maybe in your church or school. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter. You might impact the life of just one person, but they are the ones who will change the world. Don’t ever think that you’re not important. Every one of us is important in this world. It’s not just one church or faith. It’s important that we recognize that there is a commonality among the religions. It takes different factions of Christianity, Jews, Muslims, everybody. Everyone is invited to be part of this Unity in Our Community movement. We truly believe that this model is going to become a national movement. We’ve been asked to take the Lighthouse model and the Unity in Our Community movement to Charlotte, North Carolina.This is going national because God is in it, making changes in people’s lives and uniting people to work together once in this lifetime. The different denominations are talking to each other. They are putting aside their denominational differences because we, as the people, must work together.The United States of America needs to remain united. We all need to come together, and we must be extremely careful of anything that stops us from doing so. We want to build consensus around a greater vision. It’s not A or B; it could be C, D, E, or F. We can work together with- out compromising what we stand for. This is a movement in its infancy with a huge potential. People all over the country are seeing this model is beyond what we are used to doing.

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