National Convention 2023

2023 CONVENTION COMMITTEES 2023 Convention Program Committee Rick Poff - 1999 National President and Convention Chair Glen Broadwater – 2022 National President

Reggie Wine – President’s Aide Sarah Kelly – Executive Director Crystal Andrews - Events Coordinator AV Coordinator Larry Hines Registration and Credentials Debi Davis, Chair Norvelline Atkins, Co-Chair Jerry Atkins

Sandra Lowe Gary Solomon Vicky Mills Donna Sutphin

Tony Aziadul Michelle Zehr Flag Ceremony Anne Hillard - Chair, Past National Director Marsha Rodes - 2010 First Lady Bryan Franklin - Past Bluegrass District Governor American Flag Carrier - Eileen Drinkwater, Rockingham District Youth Coordinator Virginia Flag Carrier - Mike Short, Copper Creek Club Member Ruritan Flag Carrier - Donald Worrell, 2009 National President Army Flag Carrier - Bobby Burton, 2015 National President Marine Flag Carrier - Don Nobles, Vanceboro Club Member Air Force Flag Carrier - Wally Hudson, Past National Director Coast Guard Flag Carrier - Lester Owens, Southwest Virginia Lt. Governor Space Force Flag Carrier - Jeff Roadcap, Rockingham District Governor Ambassadors Danny Phillips, Chair;

Bryan Flanagan, Co-Chair; 2022/2023 District Governors


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