National Convention 2023

Convention Chair’s Message

Welcome to Kingsport, TN and your 2023 Ruritan National Convention! I started promoting the convention

last year by referring to it as our Ruritan Family Reunion. Family reunions are about seeing those you have not seen for a while and, perhaps, meeting family you have not ever met. But most of all having good fellowship and fun! Those you may not have met may be our first-time convention attendees. They are identified with a green tag on their name badge. Be sure to welcome them. The convention program committee, National Office Staff, and many of our dedicated volunteers, have spent many long hours planning and preparing to make this a great convention for each of you. We have an outstanding opening highlighted by U.S. Army Veteran, Ricky Davis along with an inspirational flag ceremony, business sessions, lots of workshops, First Lady’s Fellowship Luncheon with illusionist Joseph Young, foundation auctions, County Fair and our installation banquet featuring comedian Jeff Allen. We hope that you will have a lot of fun and laugh a lot! We will conduct our Ruritan business to celebrate our 2022 successes and prepare for 2023. Thank you to President Glen and First Lady Linda for leading us through a successful and transitional year with our new Executive Director Sarah Kelly as One Team, One Direction – UP! If the committee can be of any assistance during the convention, please do not hesitate to ask. In addition, our Ambassadors and Board of Directors are all available to assist or answer any questions you may have. Thanks for being a part of our celebration! 2023 Convention Program Committee Rick Poff - 1999 National President and Convention Chair Glen Broadwater – 2022 National President

Reggie Wine – President’s Aide Sarah Kelly – Executive Director Crystal Andrews - Events Coordinator


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