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The programs outlined in this booklet should be regarded as guidelines, which may require changes from time to time. HHHunt retains the right to modify, revoke, suspend, terminate, or change any or all such plans, policies or procedures, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice, in order to conduct its business in a manner that is beneficial to the employees and the community. Please note that this version of the Employee Handbook, available to all employees, supersedes all previous versions. It is not intended as, nor should it be read as, a contract or guarantee of employment. This Handbook is not all-inclusive of the policies and procedures of the community. The final authority for policies and procedures lies with the Executive Director. If the community has additional or different policies, you will be advised by the Executive Director. Remember, this Handbook is not a contract of employment, nor does it contain exclusive means of discipline or termination. If you have any concerns or questions about any procedures, policies or regulations, it is best to ask the Executive Director at the outset of your employment. The policies contained in this Handbook neither create a contract of employment, nor constitute the terms of an implied agreement with the Company. All employees have an "at-will" employment status with the Company, unless they have a separate contract of employment, signed by the President, for a specific duration. Likewise, nothing in this Handbook shall be construed to erode the employment at-will doctrine. Neither the Company nor any of its managers, supervisors, or any other employee can guarantee a specific duration of employment. It is recognized that an employee can terminate his or her employment at any time, for any reason. Similarly, "at-will" means employment may be terminated by the Company at any time for any reason or no reason. It is our aim to attract and retain highly qualified and motivated individuals at all levels of our organization by providing a challenging work environment in which motivated individuals are provided with the opportunity for promotion and advancement within the Company. We recognize the important role that each and every employee plays in the success of the Company and are committed to providing a relationship of mutual trust and respect which will enable all employees to attain personal satisfaction from their work and contribute to the CompanyÊs growth and success. EMPLOYMENT AT-WILL GENERAL PERSONNEL POLICY

In return, we expect each and every employee:

• To be loyal to the Company and its vendors and business partners, • To be enthusiastic and cooperative in the performance of his/her duties,

• To provide the highest level of quality services, and


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