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IX. MEETING EXPECTATIONS We are confident that your employment at HHHunt will be a mutually satisfying experience. However, for those unfortunate instances when infractions of policies and regulations, or substandard performances occur, a system of corrective action has been established. The purpose of the corrective action procedure is to provide guidance in the areas of job performance or conduct which requires improvement. Should your performance fall below expectations, your supervisor will meet with you to identify the problem and to establish a course of action for improvement. The corrective action procedure normally consists of the following progressive steps: counseling, verbal warning, written warning, and as a last resort, discharge. Disciplinary suspension with or without pay may also be utilized. The Company may issue disciplinary corrective action in any order or may skip steps at its discretion and in consideration of each individual circumstance. Serious offenses may require immediate corrective action up to and including dismissal without resorting to the progressive correction measures described above. CORRECTIVE ACTION The following list of infractions represents examples (not all-inclusive) of Level One violations, which, after accumulative and non-related repeated violations within a twelve (12) month period, could result in dismissal after utilizing the progressive corrective action procedure: 1. Repeated violation of established community absenteeism or tardiness policy. 2. Violation of community "no solicitation", "no distribution" rules, or non- employee access rule. community safety rules, policies and procedures, failure to report injury, violation of infection control procedures, failure to obtain approval for medical treatment for occupational injury/illness, or failure to wear proper safety equipment, clothes, devices, shoes, etc. 4. Failure to call in to report absence/lateness at least two (2) hours before scheduled shift. 5. Failure to abide by community dress and grooming codes and/or failure to wear required uniform. 3. Repeated incidents of workplace accidents due to disregard of THEFT Theft of any HHHunt, resident, employee, or visitor property is grounds for immediate dismissal. The employee may also be prosecuted for theft. LEVEL ONE VIOLATIONS


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