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A personnel record shall be maintained on each employee at each community. Employee personnel records are the property of HHHunt and shall be considered as strictly confidential. The community will verify only employment without consent of the employee. Any request for audit, or other employment information will not be released without consent of the employee, except for monitoring agencies which have access to files. All requests for information on employees should be referred to the Executive Director or his/her designee. HHHunt may release employee information in accordance with applicable state, federal or municipal laws. Employees, upon request, may review their own personnel record in the presence of the Executive Director. However, nothing may be removed from the file. Change in Employee Information: Your personnel record should contain current information, to include address, telephone number, marital status, tax, emergency contact, dependents, and beneficiaries. When a change occurs, employees should submit the change in UltiPro or report the change to the Business Office Manager. The community maintains a smoke-free environment for its employees, residents, and visitors. Although smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings, those wishing to smoke may do so outside, except in prohibited areas, as long as they use the disposal receptacles and keep the area free from litter. Employees who smoke are not provided additional breaks during the workday. Smoking is limited to periods of normal work breaks and meal periods. „First impressions‰ are vital to our marketing efforts. On occasion, every employee may need to answer the telephone. Under such circumstances, it is important to remember that this is the first impression the caller will have of our community. With a pleasant and distinct voice, say "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", or "Good Evening", the community's name, and your name. The caller will know he or she has gotten the right community and knows the name of the person with whom he or she is speaking. If the person being called is not in, or is not available, ask if you may take a message or if the caller would care to leave his/her number. Remember, your voice and phone manner represents the community and HHHunt, so always "smile" when speaking to the caller. They can hear in your voice if you are smiling. SMOKING GUIDELINES TELEPHONE PROCEDURES


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