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It is our intention to provide a safe place to work, but safety is everyone's responsibility. To a great extent, your safety will depend upon you developing safe work habits. Safety begins with good housekeeping. Orderliness in your work area reduces accidents, improves health conditions, reduces fire hazards, and adds to the efficiency of your work. To help you avoid accident and injury, and in compliance with state and federal occupational safety and health laws, please note the following rules/points to help you be a safe worker: 1. Recognize, correct, or report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor at once. Spillage should be cleaned up immediately by the employee who first sees the hazard. 2. Horseplay, including scuffling and throwing articles, is strictly prohibited. 3. Running at any time in the community or on the premises is prohibited. 4. The use of safety equipment is required when necessary due to the nature of the job. 5. Never operate any equipment or machinery unless authorized to do so. Guards on food choppers, saws, etc., must be kept in place at all times. 6. Do not attempt to lift or move heavy residents, materials, or awkward loads by yourself; ask for help. 7. Cabinet drawers and doors, etc., should be closed when you are finished in them. 8. Electrical cords must not be left across hallways or open doorways, etc. Damaged or frayed cords may not be used. Use of extension cords is not permitted in residents' rooms. 9. Employees are restricted from using cell phones and other handheld electronic devices while driving. Employees must follow all federal, state and local laws or ordinances regarding the use of cell phones, mobile devices, and other handheld equipment. 10. You are required to help maintain your immediate work area in a safe and orderly condition and to perform every aspect of your job in a safe manner. 11. Always be alert for ways to avoid accidents and improve safety for yourself, your co-workers, and our residents. These policies and procedures will help provide you and the residents with a safe environment in which to work and live. As an employee, it is your responsibility to help maintain a safe work environment and be dedicated to the idea that every accident can be prevented.


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