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you decide to change or discontinue your contribution or until you reach the maximum dollar amount specified by the IRS yearly. Your contribution rate may be changed monthly and must be in whole percentages. You are immediately 100% vested in all amounts in your account, those contributed by you, as well as any matching company contributions. The plan has several investment options. It is your choice as to how your contribution is invested in the plan. You may also rollover funds from a previous retirement plan into the HHHunt plan. Eligible employees may budget for medical and/or dental insurance costs as well as dependent care expenses to be withdrawn on a pre-tax basis and deposited into a personal FSA for tax-free withdrawal. Medical expenses allowable through an FSA typically include insurance deductibles, insurance co-pays, any medical expenses not paid for by the medical plan, and prescription drug co-pays. Depending on your tax bracket, you may save up to 30% or more in taxes. Regular full-time and regular part-time employees are eligible to participate on the first of the month following 60 days of continuous employment or during the annual open enrollment period. The plan election does not renew and must be made annually. FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS (FSA) MEDICAL AND DEPENDENT CARE HHHuntÊs health insurance is comprehensive in nature, and includes hospital, surgical, preventative and medical care, mental health, vision, and prescription medication benefits. The Company contributes significantly towards your health care premium. HHHuntÊs health plan is a self-funded plan. This means that each time you go to the doctor, hospital or get a prescription filled; HHHunt is paying the portion that is not the employeeÊs responsibility. The insurance carrier is only processing the claims on HHHuntÊs behalf. In order to control our health plan premiums, we should all continue to choose generic drugs when available, go to the emergency room only when it is truly an emergency, use in-network providers and get an annual wellness checkup to catch problems early on. Being smart healthcare consumers will help us to control medical costs, saving ALL of us money! Please refer to your carrier booklet, which describes details of the plan. Carrier booklets are made available on EagleNet, through the carrier website, or you may request a paper copy by contacting the carrier. HEALTH INSURANCE


HHHunt offers regular full-time employees, regular part-time employees, and their dependents an extensive dental insurance plan. Coverage includes preventive and diagnostic, restorative, and prosthodontic treatment.


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