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Mission: At HHHunt it is our mission to educate and encourage healthy behavior for all employees. We have set out to do this through our HHHunt Wellness Program: Because itÊs how you live that matters. Emphasis: The emphasis is on being physically active every day, eating a nutritious diet, getting preventive screenings, and making healthy choices. We encourage employees to engage in a healthy daily routine that yields happiness, fulfillment, productivity, and a retirement free from the pain, suffering, disability, and financial burdens associated with decades of poor health and lifestyle choices. Purpose: Health and well-being are essential parts of living and are vital to oneÊs ability to enjoy life and contribute to the world around us. We encourage employees and their families to strengthen their physical and mental health and well-being through educational opportunities, screenings, fun wellness activities, and self-improvement. The underlying purposes of the HHHunt Wellness Program is to inform and to influence employees and their family members to take action and then to continue maintenance of positive behaviors. Philosophy: The HHHunt Wellness Program philosophy promotes positive change in these six areas of health: 1. Physical: to implement positive lifestyle habits and daily physical activity 2. Intellectual: to use our effective intelligence to set and achieve real life goals 3. Emotional: to recognize and manage feelings 4. Financial: to develop a value-based approach to personal money management 5. Spiritual: to mold individual values and life goals into personal behaviors 6. Social: to maintain and build healthy relationships To help fulfill our mission we have created the HHHunt Wellness Team. This team is a group of passionate volunteers from throughout HHHuntÊs business lines who lead the creation, implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives throughout our company. This team is assisted by a Wellness Coordinator at each location. The Wellness Coordinators are responsible for promoting and executing HHHunt wellness initiatives at their location.


Employee meals are available at the community for a nominal fee. Tickets may be purchased from the Business Office.


HHHunt encourages life-long learning by making an educational assistance program available. The program is open to part-time and full-time employees who have been with the Company for over 90 days.


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