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Welcome to the HHHunt family! We are excited you are joining our team! Our vision is „To improve the world and how people live by creating meaningful experiences and places of great distinction.‰ Only through the talent, commitment and teamwork of good people working together can we realize this aspiration, and we are counting on you to help us grow and achieve our goals. You are joining a fast growing company with a team who shares the belief that „itÊs how you live that matters!‰ We seek to hire team members who have a unique ability to relate to and care for the older adult, who are sensitive to the needs, spoken and unspoken, of the older adult and who can appreciate the culture we establish in our communities. We hope you will become an integral part of our team and work enthusiastically toward our mutual goal. We expect each employee to demonstrate a friendly, positive attitude toward everyone in our community, including residents, staff, family members, and anyone entering our doors. HHHunt promises to be employee centered by hiring the best possible candidates for each job, to assist each employee in their professional growth through ongoing training and development, and to offer a benefit package and wages consistent with competitive communities and the economic environment in the locality. HHHunt is a customer focused company and we recognize that our residents, their family members and friends, prospective residents, and anyone who walks through our doors or contacts us by phone are our customers. A positive impression and good feeling with every contact goes a long way toward our success in customer satisfaction. HHHunt Senior Living provides high quality resident services and care in the communities we serve, allowing our residents to function at their maximum potential. Each resident is an individual to be treated with respect and dignity and given choices whenever possible. By treating residents in this manner, we hope to enhance their physical, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Through the collaborative process with stakeholders, Spring Arbor is a community resource on senior living matters and facilitates the development of educational programs, as well as supports civic fund raising initiatives. Partnerships include, but are not limited to, local educational institutions, churches, AlzheimerÊs, civic, police, fire and rescue agencies. We believe team work is essential to live out our HHHunt brand promises and the Spring Arbor mission, „Our family serving your family with professional, compassionate care.‰ Each of us is entrusted with the responsibility to do our best at all times, to work together as a team, and to ensure the safety and well- being of our residents. Welcome to our team. We look forward to your contributions! HHHunt is committed to your success. Let us know how we can further assist you.


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