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setting. In the event the conduct of either party does not remain professional or creates substantive and ongoing distractions or other negative impacts in the work environment or for other employees, the Company reserves the right to take appropriate action, up to and including termination. We encourage you to contact your supervisor or the Executive Director if you have questions. Former employees who had a good job performance record with regard to quality of work, good attendance/tardy record, and also gave and worked a proper notice of resignation, may be eligible for re-hire and consideration for employment for future vacancies. Employees re-hired or offered employment by HHHunt within thirty (30) days of termination date (last date worked) will be reinstated with original date of hire. If an employee is rehired, he or she will have to undergo drug testing and a criminal background check. Former employees terminated for cause or who resigned without notice will not be eligible for re- employment unless there were unavoidable circumstances requiring the resignation. When joining the Company, you will be considered in an introductory evaluation period for the first 90 days of employment to assess your ability, potential, and future with the Company. This period gives us time to become acquainted and to evaluate your suitability for employment. Your supervisor will evaluate your progress, giving consideration to your overall work performance; the quality of work, efficiency, attendance record, attitude, ability to work and cooperate with other employees, residents, and visitors, and other factors related to your ability to do the job. Under certain circumstances an extension of the introductory evaluation period may occur. At the Company's sole discretion during this period, an introductory employee may be disciplined, transferred to another department or have his or her employment terminated. During this period, the employee has the opportunity to determine whether or not the Company is the place for him/her. If during, or at the conclusion of the 90 day period, either the Company or the employee believes that employment should not continue, separation from employment will follow immediately. An introductory employee has no seniority rights over other introductory employees, and remains an at-will employee at all times. The successful completion of the introductory evaluation period is not a contract of employment, a guarantee of continued employment, nor does it change the „at- will‰ status of employment. RE-EMPLOYMENT INTRODUCTORY/INITIAL EVALUATION PERIOD


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