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HHHunt is committed to providing the best possible environment for maximum development and achievement of goals for all employees. Our practice is to treat each employee as an individual. We seek to develop a spirit of teamwork with individuals working together to attain common goals. To that end, HHHunt continuously strives to do the following: 1. Provide a safe, clean working environment. 2. Treat each employee as an individual, with dignity and respect. 3. Provide stable employment as business conditions permit. 4. Provide fair and equitable wages and benefit programs. 5. Provide additional training and in-service on a continuing basis. 6. Provide open lines of communication to keep employees informed and to give everyone an opportunity to express themselves. 7. To manage our communities so team members are motivated in a positive manner and to encourage team members to develop their capabilities. 8. To provide the kind of leadership in which all employees will have confidence and respect. 9. Provide training for employees to enhance and foster quality care to the residents. 10. To treat our residents and their families with special consideration, never forgetting that our livelihood depends on our residents. 11. To operate our communities efficiently, according to sound business practices, in order to provide an adequate return on the investment and assure continuous growth for the community. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Executive Director of a HHHunt Senior Living Community has full responsibility and authority for management of all operational affairs of the community. The Executive Director assigned to the community is charged with implementing and enforcing all the policies and procedures mandated by state and federal agencies. Your supervisor is your first contact with your communityÊs management team. He/she is responsible for teaching you the details of your job and providing assistance and guidance to help you do your best. ASK QUESTIONS! This will help you to learn. Your supervisor knows the general policies of the community and should be the first person you speak with when questions arise on the job. Remember, your supervisor is interested in your progress and wants to help you – it is an important part of his/her job. YOUR SUPERVISOR


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