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HHHunt reserves the right to conduct drug testing for applicants and employees at any time throughout the employment process. Employees who have an on-the- job injury, regardless of severity, that requires medical treatment, will be subject to a drug test. HHHunt may also drug test based on reasonable cause for suspicion that an employee is using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Refusal and/or failure of drug testing of employees reasonably suspected to be or found in violation of any of the above conduct will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination and possible referral for prosecution and notification to licensing agencies. HHHunt further reserves the right to take any and all appropriate lawful actions necessary to enforce this substance abuse policy, including, but not limited to, the inspection of the employees' personal property in certain circumstances, such as community-issued lockers, desks, or other suspected areas of concealment. Full compliance with this substance abuse policy is a condition of employment and continued employment. HHHunt strongly believes in establishing and maintaining a productive relationship with all employees and providing an atmosphere of understanding for each employee with their co-workers, management, and our residents. The Company has a commitment to our residents, and in that respect we feel that all team members will work together to provide the best and highest standard of resident services and care. We believe that the introduction of a third party adds no real value and may be detrimental to our relationships. Therefore, we feel that union representation is unnecessary. Our personnel policies and practices are designed to meet the needs of employees in a union-free environment; and our managers are dedicated to treating each individual employee with the respect and dignity to which he or she is entitled and also to operating our business in such a way that employees never feel the need to pay dues to have an outside organization represent them. The management team strives to maintain a mutual trust and understanding with each employee and the workforce as a whole. Recognizing that no organization is completely free of day-to-day problems, we support an open communication policy where you can take your problems to management at any time for review and resolution. To avoid work disruptions and possible discord between employees, the Company prohibits employees from soliciting other employees or distributing literature in connection with non work-related causes, commercial, political or religious pursuits, groups, or interests. Solicitation using company-provided computers and electronic communications systems is also included in this prohibition. POSITION REGARDING UNIONS SOLICITATION AND DISTRIBUTION


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