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journals, diaries, personal and business discussion forums, and social networking sites. Employees are cautioned that they should have no expectation of privacy while using HHHunt equipment or facilities for any purpose, including authorized blogging. As with any other type of personal communications (e.g. phone calls, e-mail, etc.), employees are expected to limit their work time spent on personal matters. Should the employeeÊs work performance be affected, the Company reserves the right to suspend access to the Internet and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action. Unless specifically instructed, employees are not authorized to speak on behalf of the Company. If you are contacted by the press or media regarding any matter that seeks a response by the Company, you must notify your Executive Director and obtain approval before responding. Employees may not publicly discuss residents outside company-authorized communications and may not disclose confidential and proprietary business information and trade secrets as described previously except as authorized by the Company. Employees are expected to protect the privacy of our residents and the Company. It is the purpose of this policy to provide additional specificity to the standards of conduct embodied in the Employee Handbook so that employees will better understand prohibitions and limitations pertaining to their conduct and activities while on and off duty. The rules of conduct are not intended to serve as an exhaustive treatment of requirements, limitations, or prohibitions on employee conduct and activities. Actions of employees that are inconsistent, incompatible or in conflict with the values established by this Company negatively affect its reputation. Such actions and inactions thereby detract from the CompanyÊs overall ability to effectively and efficiently carry out its business affairs. Therefore, it is the policy of this Company that employees conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects the ethical standards and values of the Company in accordance with the rules contained in the Handbook and otherwise disseminated by the Company. Accountability: Accountability means the duty of all employees to truthfully acknowledge and explain their actions and decisions when requested to do so without deception or subterfuge. PROTECTION OF COMPANY INFORMATION PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT


In accordance with standard practices, and in some states licensure rule, HHHunt will conduct criminal record checks on all job applicants during the pre- hire process, and as necessary, current employees. Background checks serve as an important part of the selection process. Employment with HHHunt is


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