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incident and facts to the Executive Director. If an employee cannot go to his/her Executive Director, or prefers not to, he/she can report any complaint or incident to the Regional or Area Director, Sr. Vice President of Senior Living, Human Resources or any officer of the Company without fear of reprisal. Management has the responsibility of thoroughly and objectively investigating and resolving complaints of discrimination and sexual or other harassment. Confidentiality will be maintained, with information disclosed only to others on a need-to-know basis. HHHunt will take prompt and appropriate action against anyone in the Company who discriminates against or harasses another employee, which may include the suspension or discharge of the offender. Retaliation against an employee by any person under the CompanyÊs control for opposing such harassment, for filing a bona fide complaint of discriminatory harassment, or for providing information in good faith regarding another employeeÊs complaint will not be tolerated. However, an allegation or allegations that are fraudulent or made in bad faith will also be treated as a violation of this policy. Access to computers and electronic communications systems, e.g., e-mail and voice mail, is provided so that employees may perform their work effectively and efficiently. However, employees who use such equipment and systems should be aware that in addition to the right which the Company retains to randomly inspect company property, including such equipment and the information/data contained therein, electronic communication systems may be accessed and monitored by personnel who are responsible for administering and maintaining the system. This right of access is necessary for system management and maintenance. Management reserves the unqualified right to access all computers, e-mail, and other electronic files at any time, with or without notice to the employee. There should be no expectation of privacy in the CompanyÊs property. Internal and external electronic communications are considered business records and may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation. Be aware of this possibility when sending electronic communications within and outside the Company. Appropriate Communications: In general, employees should exercise the same restraint and caution in drafting and transmitting messages via electronic communications as they would when writing a memorandum or letter and should assume that someone other than the intended recipient may review their message. Employees are expected to exercise the same restraint and caution when transmitting messages via cellular phones. Communication with Residents and their Family: Whenever possible, communication to a resident or their family by the community should occur in person or through a telephone call. Email communication is permitted only by a Spring Arbor Department Manager. Texting by any employee to a resident or COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS


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