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the moon and opportunities to learn eye-opening information. From sea turtles and dung beetles to lions and gazelles, you will be amazed at the impact the moon’s light has on these animals and more. As author Melissa Stewart introduces us to the flora and fauna impacted by the moon’s light, Laban’s shaded yet whimsical watercolors invite you into the nocturnal world. The cool-toned, shadowy illustrations beautifully extend from cover to cover, offering detailed depictions of each moon phase and featured habitat, making space for discussion about adaptations and needs of animals above the sea and below. Following the narrative, you’ll find further details about the moon and its roles, along with additional fun facts about the creatures that depend on it. You do not want to miss this immersive, educational text offering insight into the nocturnal lives of wildlife.

hand in hand to create a visually immersive experience. Sayre includes ecological concepts that illustrate the role of squirrels in seed dispersal and their impact on the forest ecosystem. This book introduces young readers to the lives of squirrels and serves as a tool for fostering a love for nature in them. It will also provide insights into the day-to-day lives of squirrels.

Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll Stolz, Susan R. (2019) Illus. by Melissa Bailey. Unpaged. Lyric & Stone Pub. 978-0578935508. $14.37 (Primary) —Mary Marshall Steele Have you ever wondered about the things insects do that we don’t know about? By presenting a personified version of dung beetle life, Susan R. Stolz, through illustrations and a

Trapped! A Whale’s Rescue Burleigh, Robert. (May 8, 2018). Illus. By Wendell Minor. Unpaged. Charlesbridge Publishing. 978-1580895590. $8.99. (Primary) —Lily Kruft Robert Burleigh’s Trapped tells the gripping tale of a humpback whale entangled in fishermen’s

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thoughtful narrative, depicts the roles and significance of these insects. The book emphasizes how these seemingly small and overlooked insects play a crucial role in our ecosystem. The information-packed pages follow the journey of a dung beetle named Steve as he makes his way home after collecting a new ball of dung. On his way home, Steve meets many different animals that question what he is doing. In response, his answers unveil the characteristics of dung beetles, providing reasons why we need them in our world. This book presents a sweet, funny perspective on an animal that might have previously been perceived as gross or lacking purpose. With Melissa Bailey’s vibrant, full-page illustrations, children will discover that these animals and their special jobs prevent the world from becoming a very stinky place.

nets and the subsequent rescue mission. Paired with Wendell Minor’s illustrations, this book is presented in a way that draws the reader in and makes them a part of the story. Both covers and the end pages are gorgeous odes to the humpback whale and are sure to elicit emotion from the reader. The book does a fantastic job of fostering a sense of connection between humans and giant whales, despite the vast differences in species. This story is bound to tug at your heartstrings. The story closely follows the real-life event it’s based on and offers remarkably accurate insights into whale anatomy and behavior. While it is evident that the book is well-informed, Burleigh and Minor provide numerous additional resources and extended information on both the event and humpback whales. This is primarily done through supplementary facts and information lists at the back of the book. Burleigh makes sure to caution others from attempting to repeat the events portrayed in this book, discussing the dangers of this event for the humans involved. This journey into the ocean would enrich any classroom or home library. Whether or not your child or students already have an affinity for whales, this book is sure to ignite or deepen their appreciation for these majestic creatures.

Thank You, Moon: Celebrating Nature’s Nightlight Stewart, Melissa. (2023). Illus. by Jessica Lanan. Unpaged. Knopf Books for Young Readers. 978 0593435076. $18.99 (Primary) —Ally Windham

Have you ever wondered what goes on long after the sun sets, once

the moon rises? Did you know the moon’s gravity helps keep the earth stable and regulate its seasons? Explore the significance of the moon, peek into the wide-awake world from dusk until dawn, and learn how wildlife and the earth depend on the moon. This nonfiction text provides readers with reasons to appreciate

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