Literacy Matters Vol 24 Winter 2024 to ignite science learning with a STEM twist. According to Tippett and Milford (2021), a population with a foundation in STEM will be better prepared to face the challenges of a science and technology-driven society.

Use fiction and nonfiction texts to discuss and reinforce science vocabulary. Classroom and pre-service teachers are encouraged to utilize resources from the South Carolina State Department, Next Generation Science Standards, and

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Literacy Matters General Articles

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S Dr. KimberlyTisi is the Department Chair for Early Childhood and Elementary Programs and Assistant Professor of Education at Anderson University. Prior to joining the faculty at Anderson University, Dr. Tisi was a K5-2nd grade teacher in the private and public sector. Her passion and research interests include preparing pre-service Early Childhood educators for the field, literacy instruction, integrating content areas for effective classroom instruction, building community partnerships for teacher candidates, constructivist instructional practices, and creating equitable learning spaces. Dr. Tisi can be contacted at

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