Literacy Matters Vol 24 Winter 2024

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Thursday, October 28, 2021

If you could talk to Aimee Nezhukamatathil, what would you say to her? About her book? About her life? Questions you have for her?

Write a journal entry in which you reflect on the book WORLD OF WONDERS as a whole. What do you remember most? How did the book make you feel? What do You think about her message? In what ways Did you relate to what she said?

Note . Students had five minutes to respond to the prompts above, which were posted on Canvas, their school’s learning management system. Table 1 Journal Prompts for Timed Writing Exercises

Literacy Matters General Articles

Original Categories

Combined Categories

Personal stories and memories Questions / interest about author’s personal life Connections to author personally Questions / interest about author’s professional life Rhetorical / literary analysis of the text

Connection to author

Seeing themselves as a writer

Direct statements about their feelings Their relationship to the natural world

Their self-reflection

Stories about our class activities Comments about the world beyond class / text

Connections beyond self

Comments about parts of the book they like

Table 2 Progression of Thematic Categories of Data Analysis

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