Healing In Nature


I spent the night at Pinefield Hut. There were a couple of thru-hikers already there when I walked in. It was forecasted to rain that night, so the couple decided to sleep under the shelter. There were many other campsites up the hill, and I picked the farthest away to set up my tent. After collecting water, I cooked dinner and sat on the edge of the site, surrounded by trees. Later that night, I put my food bag in the bear box, and the couple stashed their whole pack as it appeared no one else was coming for the night. The following day, I collected my food bag and water from the stream below. After talking with the couple, I learned they were hiking from Georgia to Maine but began the trail later in the summer. They asked if I was thru-hiking, and I told them I was section hiking and would be getting off the AT today at Loft Mountain. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out some granola bars and a backpacker's meal and offered the food to the couple. “I’ve never tried this one,” the woman said. “I haven’t either. ” I replied. We both laughed. The couple thanked me and wished me luck on my project for graduate school. I wished them luck on their way to Maine.

Time was of the essence today, simply because I wanted more of it. However, I knew I needed to bring this chapter to a close. As my grandfather always told us, "You can’t come back if you never leave." There was an overlook with a view of the Shenandoah Mountains. The sky was fogged, and an early mist filled the air. I could stay awhile, and so I did.

The story is healed, released, and let go, allowing you to live fully the story that is unfolding now - Rochelle Calvert

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