Healing In Nature


Calvert suggests mindfulness is shown to help heal the body and mind and improve relationships affected by trauma while somatic experiencing (SE) increases the tolerance of trauma-related sensations in the body and mind. While reading Healing with Nature: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to Heal from Trauma, I was able to practice the mindfulness and somatic practices provided to better understand where the trauma was stuck in my body and work to releasing that trauma.

If the body is the site of stuck trauma, then the body is also the map that points the way to resolving and healing the trauma - Rochelle Calvert

Before I reached the highway, I saw an AT sign with a phone number tucked behind it. To the side was a cooler of drinks. I grabbed an orange crush, my favorite childhood soda to enjoy. "Trail Angels" is who they are; they watch over hikers on the trail, supplying them with drinks, food, or other supplies to keep them going. Trail Angels

I saw the Mountain Home B&B Cabin on top of a hill, a beautiful old white house with a small cabin covered in gardening flowers. I walked up to the front porch of the home. I had called ahead, so they were already expecting me. I knocked, but there was no answer. I tried once more and stepped back to wait. Then I saw Joey, and he opened the door for me. Seeing a familiar face on the other side of the door was a pleasant surprise. "They want us to go around back." I smiled, greeted Joey, and proceeded to the back of the house. I learned the hosts, one a former AT thru-hiker, had opened the Mountain Home to provide shelter for other AT hikers on their journey. The hosts offered to wash our laundry for $5 and offered us clean clothes to put on after we showered. The breakfast table was set with a beautiful dinner and silverware. I sat across the table from Joey, and the couple, on their anniversary, sat at the table beside us. The two younger hikers had already had breakfast and left by this time. I had French toast and fruit, while Joey opted for scrambled eggs. Before digging into his meal, he took a picture of his plate. The food was lovely. After breakfast, I thanked the hosts and paid the previous night's fee. "Can I take a picture of you?" Joey said. Confused, I asked why and was told he liked documenting things along the way. I agreed and awkwardly smiled and waved; I did not realize it was a video. I waved goodbye to Joey and walked down the driveway from the Mountain Home.

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