HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook

HHHunt maintains an intranet, called EagleNet, to communicate important information with employees. Any employee with internet access can log in to view company news, benefits information, HR tools, and forms. HHHuntÊs HR information system, UltiPro, is also available to any employee with internet access. Employees can log into UltiPro at anytime to view their employee record, pay history, current benefits, sick and vacation balances, and more. All employees are provided with login information at time of hire to both EagleNet and UltiPro. For assistance with either system, please send an email to support@hhhunt.com. HHHuntÊs newsletter, HHHunt Happenings, is published quarterly and distributed to all employees. This publication is provided to bring newsworthy information to all employees.


Information of interest and importance is regularly posted on our bulletin board. We suggest that you check it regularly to keep up with what is happening. This bulletin board is for Company use only; employees may not post or remove information from the board.


Please report any lost or found articles to the Executive Director's office immediately. HHHunt will not be responsible for personal property lost, stolen, or damaged on the premises; therefore, you are urged to take care of your own personal belongings.


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