HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


For the safety of employees and the workplace, the Company has a policy of conducting searches as necessary of all employees on the premises of the Company. As a result, the Company may conduct searches of an employeeÊs personal effects and any vehicles they bring on the property. The term „personal effects‰ means anything that is brought on the property by the employee. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to search employee computers, lockers, and desks without prior notice. The searches may be random and unannounced. Agreement and consent to this policy is a condition of employment. As a result, acceptance of employment or continued employment is the employeeÊs agreement and consent to this policy. In the event an employee refuses to comply with a search request made by the appropriate Company personnel, the employee will be subject to immediate termination and may be subject to detention until appropriate law enforcement officials are able to review the situation. All employees are subject to this policy; there are no exceptions. The Company wishes to maintain a work environment that is free of illegal drugs, alcohol, firearms, explosives, or other improper materials. To this end, the Company prohibits the possession, transfer, sale, or use of such materials on its premises. The Company requires the cooperation of all employees in administering this policy. Computers, e-mail, voice mail, desks, lockers, and other storage devices may be provided for the convenience of employees, but remain the sole property of the Company. Accordingly, they, as well as any articles found within them, can be inspected by any agent or representative of the Company at any time, either with or without prior notice. The Company likewise wishes to discourage theft or unauthorized possession of the property of employees, the Company, residents, and visitors. To facilitate enforcement of this policy, the Company or its representative may inspect not only desks and lockers, but also any packages or other belongings. Any employee who wishes to avoid inspection of any articles or material should not bring such items onto the CompanyÊs premises. By bringing any article or vehicle onto the CompanyÊs premises, employees will be deemed to have consented to its search or inspection. SECURITY INSPECTIONS


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