HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook

Detailed information about the program can be found on EagleNet or by talking with your Executive Director. To qualify for educational assistance, a Continuing Education Approval Form must be completed and approved by the Executive Director prior to the start of the course(s).


HHHunt employees, in all divisions, who lease an apartment in a HHHunt community will receive a discount in rent based on the status of their employment. Full-time employees will receive a 20% reduction in rent and part- time employees will receive a 10% reduction in rent. Discounts for employees residing in fee managed communities are subject to the policies of the owner. Employees are required to meet all rental and leasing criteria. Any employee voluntarily leaving the employ of the organization or voluntarily wishing to terminate a lease early may be responsible for the same re-rental or sublease provisions as any other resident. The employee will remain responsible for the lease until the earliest of (a) re-rental of the unit, (b) sub-lease of the unit, or (c) expiration of the original lease. Employees must notify Management of the apartment community in which they reside if they leave the employment of HHHunt, whether through resignation or termination. Failure to do so may result in increased rental fees and charges associated with such failure to notify. In the event an employee is terminated by the organization, management may terminate the employeeÊs lease early (subject to applicable leasing laws) after thorough review of the circumstances. Length of Service Awards: We recognize our employees are an integral part of our organization. Awards are presented for each five years of service (5, 10, 15, etc.). Length of service shall be continuous employment with no more than a six- month break in service. Division Awards: Each year employees are selected from the HHHunt Senior Living division for Employee of the Year, Star Team Member and Team Spirit awards. Potential recipients will be considered based upon their demonstration of embracing the CompanyÊs vision, mission and values. Contributions, results and leadership in the employeeÊs area, community, or the organization in general should be considered when nominating an employee for these special awards. This information, along with management review culminates in a selection of winners. Community/Regional Awards: Each community presents additional awards to employees in recognition of superlative performance. Employees are nominated and voted on by co-workers. There is also an ongoing program which allows co- workers and family members to recognize an employee for outstanding service within each community. Employees may also be nominated for and receive awards at the regional level. EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION


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