HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook

(two weeks). Absences exceeding ten working days will be taken as unpaid leave unless the employee chooses to use vacation time.


This type of leave, without pay and for good cause, may be granted by HHHunt and/or the community in emergency situations, provided it does not disrupt the community. The request must be submitted in writing to your supervisor and approved by the Executive Director, in advance (whenever possible). Reinstatement will not be guaranteed to any employee requesting personal leave. However, the Company will endeavor to place employees returning from personal leave in their former position or a position comparable in status and pay, subject to budgetary restrictions, the Company's need to fill vacancies, and its ability to find qualified temporary replacements. If you leave the company to enter military service, you are entitled to reinstatement and all other rights in full accordance with applicable laws and regulations in effect on the date of your application for reinstatement. All military leaves are governed by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). This law prohibits discrimination against persons who serve in the Armed Forces Reserve, the National Guard, or other uniformed services. Under USERRA, restoration rights are based on the duration of military service as follows: • Less than 31 days – an employee must report back to work at the next regularly scheduled shift on the day following release from the military, safe travel home, and an eight hour rest period. • 31 – 180 days – an employee must apply for reinstatement no later than 14 days following release. • 181 days or more – an employee must apply for reinstatement no later than 90 days following release. • USERRA sets a 5-year cumulative limit on the amount of military leave you can perform and retain employment rights. Employees who enter military service may elect to continue health coverage for themselves and their eligible dependents for up to 24 months at the employeeÊs expense. Employees who elect to continue coverage will be notified through COBRA. All other Company benefit programs are discontinued upon entry into the military service and reinstated immediately upon return to work. Under USERRA, all pension plans in which benefits are earned for length of service are protected. Military service time will be added to Company service towards computation of length of service and vacation awards. Contact the HHHunt Human Resources department if you have questions regarding protected rights under USERRA. USERRA


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