HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


Regular full-time employees will be eligible for holidays after ninety (90) calendar days of continuous service, based on the following schedule:

New Year's Day Good Friday Memorial Day Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

Floating Holiday (after one year of service)

The Executive Director will follow corporate holiday guidelines.

If you are scheduled to work on a holiday, you will receive pay for the holiday plus your regular pay, or, receive an additional day off as your holiday, to be taken within the same pay period as the holiday. You will receive eight (8) hours holiday pay at your base hourly rate of pay. To be eligible for regular or floating holiday pay, you must work your last scheduled day before the holiday and return to work your first scheduled workday after the holiday. If you are scheduled to work the holiday, you must work the holiday in order to receive your holiday pay. Regular or floating holidays are to be taken during each eligible year (calendar year) and may not be carried over from year to year. Your supervisor will make every reasonable effort to spread the responsibility of working holidays evenly to all employees throughout the year. Full-time employees who work on a holiday and are still in their 90 day waiting period for holiday pay will receive one and one-half times (1-1/2) their base hourly wage. Part-time, casual and temporary employees who work on a holiday will be paid one and one-half times (1-1/2) their base hourly wage. Regular full-time employees earn their first employee designated floating holiday after one year of full-time employment. The floating holiday may be used for the employeeÊs birthday or another day of the employeeÊs choice but may not be scheduled in association with another Company holiday and must be pre- approved and scheduled with your supervisor. Part-time, casual and temporary employees who are transferred to regular full- time will have a one (1) year waiting period before earning a floating holiday. FLOATING HOLIDAY


HHHunt management recognizes the fact that all employees need and deserve some time away from their jobs to relax, both mentally and physically. Vacations are vital to personal health and well-being and are therefore an integral part of the organization's benefits program.


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