HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


The care and needs of our residents will sometimes necessitate scheduling overtime work. You may occasionally be requested to work overtime. A reasonable amount of overtime, when necessary, is expected from employees. The community will make every effort to give advance notice to the affected employee(s). If you are an hourly paid (non-exempt) employee, you will be eligible to receive overtime pay for all hours actually worked over forty (40) hours in one (1) work week. The work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Approved paid absences, including but not limited to sick leave, vacation leave, holiday leave, FMLA, military leave, jury duty, and funeral/bereavement leave, are not counted as time worked for purposes of computing overtime. As a matter of policy, exempt employees are not eligible for "overtime‰ or „comp" time. Overtime is paid at one and one-half (1-1/2) times your highest base hourly rate of pay. All overtime must be approved in advance by your shift supervisor, department manager or the Executive Director. In the case of emergency situations due to a catastrophic event or severe weather conditions, you may be required to work overtime or an extra shift until such time as your replacement has relieved you. In such cases, the community expects your full cooperation by remaining at your job until your supervisor has approved and scheduled your replacement.


HHHunt does not grant payroll advances or loans to employees.


Terminated employees shall receive pay through their last day worked per the Company payroll schedule. Final pay check, when electronic advice has not been elected, may be mailed to the employeeÊs last known mailing address.


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