HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


Whenever possible, you will receive paid rest periods, based on the following guidelines: • Full-time employees: Two (2) paid ten (10) minute rest periods during each shift. • Part-time employees: (working four or more hours, but less than full shift): One (1) paid ten (10) minute rest period during shift. Rest periods may not be taken at the beginning or end of a normal shift and may not be carried over to your next shift. Your supervisor will assign the time of your rest period. If it becomes necessary for you to change or alter your assigned rest period, you must notify your supervisor for approval. When circumstances require, such as a heavy workload due to staff shortages, etc., you may be asked to work through your rest period. Every effort will be made to accommodate rest periods. Please remember, the care of our residents is our primary concern. Employees who smoke are not given additional breaks during the workday. Smoking is limited to periods of normal work breaks and meal periods, in designated areas outside of the building.


HHHunt aims to accommodate all employees who are nursing mothers by providing a private space and a reasonable break time to express milk as needed. If you are or plan to become a nursing mother, please contact your Executive Director so that appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate this need.


While we understand that absences will occur, our primary focus must be the continuous service of our residents. Failure to report to work as scheduled and on time compromises our service and places an additional burden on your coworkers. Attendance and punctuality are a crucial part of your work performance. Schedule Changes: Any schedule change with another team member must be documented in writing and signed by both parties. This type of shift exchange must not create overtime for either team member, unless approved by your supervisor. Scheduled Absences: When you know in advance that you must be off from work, schedule the day with your supervisor. Scheduled absences should be approved at least two (2) weeks in advance. Unscheduled Absences: When it is not possible to pre-schedule an absence in advance, you must call your supervisor as early as possible, but no less than two (2) hours before the beginning of your shift, giving the reason for your absence. Leaving a voice message or sending a text message is not acceptable notification.


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