HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook


You will be given a copy of your job description, along with a review of your job duties and responsibilities. Please take the time to read over your written job description carefully. Your job description will be a basis for evaluating your job performance. You must recognize that your job description serves as a general outline of your basic job duties and responsibilities, and that you may be required to assume other duties when assigned by your supervisor. Getting off to a good start is very important. We believe that in order for an employee to have a successful and satisfying employment experience, it is crucial that he/she feels at home in our organization and that the employee understands the importance of the services which he/she provides to the Company. To that end, all employees should receive proper orientation for their jobs. Following the acceptance of employment, the supervisor will discuss duties and the CompanyÊs policies and procedures with the new employee. A copy of this Employee Handbook will be given to each new employee. You must read the Handbook thoroughly and direct any questions to your supervisor. The Company will make every effort to fully inform the employee of Company policies and procedures and to ensure that he/she understands his/her job responsibilities. The Employee Handbook and other materials which are provided to the employee contain a wealth of information regarding the Company. In addition, the employee is encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns during the orientation period. An employee must always remember that we all learn and progress at a different pace. An employeeÊs opportunity for increased responsibility and advancement will be determined by the employeeÊs own performance and by how well he/she handles the responsibilities of his/her current position. New employees will receive orientation from their supervisor and the Executive Director according to the New Employee Orientation Schedule. It is the employeeÊs responsibility to notify their supervisor if they feel sufficient orientation has not been provided or that they are not sufficiently trained to begin or continue to do their job. Following general orientation, an employee may be assigned to work with a team member/mentor working in the same position. The mentor will orient the employee to specific tasks associated with the job. This is a good time to get to know residents and other team members. Prior to being assigned to work independently, the mentor will discuss with the supervisor the status of training. Also, the new hire will discuss their orientation with the supervisor to determine additional training needs. ORIENTATION AND INITIAL EDUCATION


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