HHHunt Senior Living Employee Handbook

Prohibited Solicitation: Solicitation includes, but is not limited to: asking employees for funds or contributions, offering goods for sale (whether for charitable or for commercial purposes), gambling (e.g. office pools), asking employees to sign a petition, requesting employees to join or become a member of a group, soliciting an employeeÊs support for a political, social, or religious cause or viewpoint, or otherwise requesting employeesÊ support or commitment with respect to causes, groups, or interests. Trespassing, soliciting, or distribution of literature by non-employees on Company premises is prohibited at all times. Prohibited Harassment/Discrimination: Solicitation or literature distribution that is discriminatory, hateful, harassing, illegal, defamatory, profane, or obscene is prohibited at all times. Please keep in mind that any literature regarding political or religious beliefs may be viewed by others as discriminatory, and is therefore also prohibited. Exception: This policy does not restrict employer sponsored activities such as the Employee Emergency Fund, United Way Campaigns, or other Company approved charities. It also does not apply to fundraising activities for schools, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts. The Executive Director may approve other exceptions to these rules; however, you must obtain written approval in advance.


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