FY 23 SWVHEC Annual Report

BECAUSE OF GREAT PEOPLE The Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center’s leadership knows that people are our best and most valuable resource. Investment in professional (and personal) growth and development is essential to the success of the Center. For this fiscal year, the Center has made significant investments in our great people:

Expended $16,617 to support professional growth and development opportunities for Center team members. Conducted a review of all hourly wage rates for part-time team members and implemented an across-the-board increase for all wage team members by setting a minimum hourly pay rate of $15.00 per hour. Provided virtual professional development training opportunities at no cost to the team members or the Center through a purchased license with RightNow Media @ Work. Completed a common read of The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn. This book examines how passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. This common read is the second book for Center team members to examine how attitude and culture drive behavior, and behavior drives habits, and how culture trumps strategy every time. Continued exploring security options to ensure a safe environment for students, faculty, partners and team members. FY 23 Retirees Alicia Young, Jeffery Webb and Douglas Viers had combined Center experience of over 64 years!

Continued to provide monthly team building, fun activities to allow team members to get to know each other. The “Fun Committee” was able to offer activities during FY23 that were engaging and encouraged team play. The Center budgeted $2,500 to support monthly team building activities. Grew the Employee Recognition Program. The Center’s Fun Committee created a program to recognize team members for their hard work, dedication and going above and beyond the call of duty. The “caught doing a great job” initiative has been a very successful undertaking whereby colleagues can recognize each other’s hard work. Hosted the 2nd Annual “Team Retreat” at Goldie’s Refuge located in Whitetop, Virginia. Research has shown that taking healthy breaks from the workplace can boost overall productivity. This offsite team retreat allowed for engaging team building activities. This environment provided everyone an opportunity to play and strengthen team relationships.


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