Expressions Spring 2023

Your Generosity

in Action

Ashley and The ViBE FM Thank you to Ashley for their generous donation of three sets of sofas, loveseats, tables, lamps, and 17 twin beds for all of DePaul’s programs. This furniture allowed us to serve foster care youth and individuals with disabilities that couldn’t afford these necessities. We are so grateful. And thank you to The ViBE FM for connecting DePaul and Ashley for these life-changing gifts.

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia

The Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia has generously awarded a $7,500 grant from the Community Catalyst Funds to DePaul for our Bridge to Hope Fund in Roanoke. The Bridge to Hope Fund bridges the gap for many children, families, and individuals with disabilities who are at a crossroads in their lives and need help. For someone like Cat, a youth in our Independent Living program that aged out of foster care, this fund can purchase a laptop she can’t afford. Then, Cat can start community college classes and work toward her future. For children like Bentley, a creative and funny 10-year-old with autism, this fund can be the difference in him getting the support he needs in DePaul’s counseling services. This grant and all Bridge to Hope donations are utilized to meet critical needs of children in foster care, families in crisis, and individuals with disabilities that are vulnerable and need support.

Your Generosity

Will Change Lives

Your donation, big or small, can change lives at DePaul. ❤ $50 can help a family afford an insurance copay they just don’t have. ❤ $100 will purchase safety equipment for an individual with a disability. ❤ $500 will help a youth who has grown up in foster care learn how to drive.

Please consider a gift today and invest in hope and belonging for a child, a family, or an individual that needs your support.

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