Expressions Spring 2023

More Than a Gift Story by Alison Wickline-Burns | Photos by Taylored Images

Nathacha and Candice, like other staff members at DePaul, take the work of hope and belonging seriously. They understand how life-changing it can be and that sometimes it can take them out of the office, out of homes, out of comfort zones. Recently, the work of hope and belonging led them to a family’s home with gifts in their hands

They quickly filled out the application for DePaul’s Bridge to Hope Fund, which allows DePaul to meet unmet needs and bridge financial gaps for those we serve. The request was approved, and because of the Bridge to Hope Fund, Nathacha and Candice were able to purchase and deliver gifts cards and get-well gifts to the family. “It was very kind, thoughtful, and much appreciated,” said the family. The gifts not only provided financial support to the family, but also provided comfort in a scary and uncertain time. That’s what is possible when the work of hope and belonging and the generosity of a community combine. The Bridge to Hope Fund relies on donations from DePaul’s supporters. Those donations make positive impacts on the people we love and serve every day. “This is about more than funds—it’s about connection, understanding, and support,” said Nathacha. “The fund makes a difference because the families and individuals know we are thinking of them and that we as an organization want to do anything we can to help them.” Learn more about the Bridge to Hope Fund by visiting:

and compassion in their hearts. They were there to support a young man who is part of DePaul’s Sponsored Residential program. Out of nowhere, he began having uncontrollable seizures which led him to being in an induced coma in the hospital. His mother and father were terrified, and doctors were doing their best to figure out what was happening and

how to help him. His parents couldn’t imagine leaving his side, but that meant not working. No paychecks would be coming in, but bills would still need to be paid. Nathacha and Candice could see the family was struggling and they felt called to be there. “We wanted them to know that we are there for them not only in a work-related role, but as humans and people,” said Candice. “It’s important that our families as well as the individuals feel supported no matter what.”


Spring 2023

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