Expressions Spring 2023

A Soft Place to Land There is a question that pops up on social media every now and then: What would you try if you were guaranteed not to fail? It is meant to help you consider taking more risks and to stretch into something you previously considered to be an unobtainable goal. As great of an exercise as it is, it’s not realistic. There are very few tasks, even simple ones like trying a new recipe, where you are guaranteed not to fail. Even tasks someone does every day with muscle memory like a professional athlete shooting a free throw is not guaranteed at 100 percent no matter how much they practice. I would suggest a rephrasing of the question: What would you try if you knew you had support regardless of whether you succeed or fail? Let’s go back to our examples—if your family celebrated your efforts even if the meal is not so wonderful, if your teammates supported your preparation and effort even if you don’t land every free throw? I would hope with that reassurance, one can overcome the crushing aspects of fear and give the task at hand their best effort. And when children, families, and individuals experience this kind of unconditional support, they learn how to give it to others around them. At DePaul, that is our mission—to help children, families, and individuals with disabilities know that we will support their effort and their progress. That we create an environment where neither staff nor those we serve feel like they must be perfect to deserve recognition and support or most importantly, a forever family. With your support, knowing that no organization is perfect, DePaul can be bold in our movements, brave in our efforts, and we can be assured that with you by our side, we will never stop striving to make a difference. With much gratitude,

Renee Brown President and CEO

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