DePaul Community Resources Annual Report 2023

Embracing Growth and Change

Being the proud mom of two young adult sons means we have a lot of conversations about growth and change. My oldest son, Chris, recently bought the family business and is learning what it means to be a small business owner. My youngest son, Jay, recently graduated from Virginia Western Community College with an Information Technology (IT) degree and is exploring the job market hoping to discover what aspect of IT is most exciting to him. We talk about how embracing growth and change means stepping out of one’s comfort zone, facing challenges head on, and learning from both successes and failures. We also discuss how these experiences are essential for building resilience, acquiring wisdom, and shaping a fulfilling future. I shared with them that many organizations focus on growth and change, including DePaul. Just like Chris and Jay, our organization must cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement to stay relevant and provide the highest quality of care and support to those we serve. By embracing growth and change, we can adapt to new circumstances, evolve perspectives, and redefine our scope of work. This past year, we positioned ourselves for expansion. We now have an additional location in Hanover, outside of Richmond, that is fully staffed. We have started a new service called agency-directed services with the goal of having a positive impact where the current demand for this service exceeds the available service providers. We expanded our work with vulnerable children to include kinship care and enhanced therapeutic foster care. We know that entering these new uncharted waters will include the need to evaluate our strategies, learn from them, and adapt for success. Because of our dedicated staff, strong leadership team, and loyal supporters like you who believe in our mission, I have no doubt we will do just that. In this annual report, you will find stories of courage, resilience, and hope that would not have been possible without your support of our mission. On behalf of everyone at DePaul, I thank you for standing with us as we grow and change together to uplift our communities and shape a future filled with hope and belonging.

With gratitude, Renee Brown President and CEO

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