DePaul Community Resources Annual Report 2023

Drake’s Dreams for the Future Story by Alison Wickline-Burns | Photos by Carla Funk Photography

Day by day, Drake is setting himself up for the future he’s always dreamed of: a future where his self-owned business is successful, where he is financially stable, and where he can purchase his own home. DePaul’s Independent Living program has been there for Drake as he designs his dreams. “It helps to have DePaul in my corner, giving me direction when I need it,” said Drake. Drake joined the Independent Living program in May 2022. The program offers support to young people as they transition from life in foster care to

“I’m always happy to help someone,” said Drake. DePaul was there as Drake navigated running his own business, helping him understand the commu nity and helping him purchase a much-needed new ladder. It was all a labor of love for DePaul staff members. “Drake is one of the hardest working young men I have ever seen in this program,” said Carrie, inde pendent living supervisor. “He has grown so much during his time with DePaul, and it has been a plea sure to be here for him to help support his dreams.” Drake is appreciative

adulthood. Drake was looking for a safe place to live and a chance to learn life skills. “I was hoping for a place where I could develop finan cial skills and grow,” said Drake. “I want to be prepared for the future.”

for the guidance, encour agement, and support. He knows what life is like when you lack that. “Sometimes my life has been difficult because I’ve been relying on myself and

“It helps to have DePaul in my corner, giving me direction when I need it.”


Last spring, Drake started his own business: Drake’s Window Cleaning Service. He began offering residential and business window cleaning throughout the Bristol and Abingdon areas. He went door to door advertising his services, offered free quotes to increase interest, and learned a lot along the way.

doing a lot on my own since I was young,” said Drake. As Drake sets up for another window cleaning— gathering his tools, sorting his supplies, and making his plans—he illustrates a perfect picture of why DePaul’s Independent Living program is important.

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