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Luke & Aime Chermue Tha i land

Q: How does your local culture celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas? What traditions are common among families and churches? A: Thailand has its roots in Buddhism. Therefore, Thai society has no activities during this season except for shops decorated for marketing purposes. Christmas is only recognized in the commercial sense. What we do personally is spend time with our family reading about the birth of Jesus Christ and unwrapping the gifts on Christmas morning. As for the church, we take time to show our love for each other, read about Jesus, and explain God’s love through Jesus. This is a good opportunity for the church to explain the Gospel because Thai society has a misunderstanding about Christmas. Most Thais think Christmas is only about exchanging gifts, not knowing what the best gift of all actually is...Christ. Q: Is there a specific tradition from your local culture that has particularly delighted or encouraged you? A: There is one tradition that I think is good and comforting, which is at the end of the year when there is a long holiday. All family members will come together. Thai society is a society that lives very closely together. Q: Are there local holiday meals or treats that you particularly enjoy? If able, please share a recipe with us. A: There is a delicious snack that can only be eaten during the cold season. It is taking glutinous rice flour and shaping it into small balls. Then put the coconut inside. It is something that can be found in the local area. (

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