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new and better Temple. He is the best gift. He is the hope fulfilled.

And not just for David. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, God adds all of us to the family line and grants us the promises given to Him: faithful love, sonship, and a home. Like David, we can’t produce anything to be worthy to receive these gifts. But we don’t have to. The Lord generously and abundantly blesses us out of his great love—not out of need for what we could give back to Him. Every gift that we try to give God, whether it’s a tin-foil candle for the Christmas tree or a gold-covered temple for the Ark, is eventually exposed for what it is: fleeting and flawed. My shining candle became a sad toilet paper roll, and Solomon’s great temple was reduced to a pile of rubble, but God’s great hope given to David endures. There is still a good King on the throne who welcomes us in, and someday He will dwell with us and be our light and our temple in a new, everlasting Jerusalem. We will stand before him, wearing His worthiness, celebrating and saying with David, “Who am I Lord God…that you have brought me this far?”

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