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Jonathan & Clarinda Halk Zambi a

Q: How does your local culture celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas? What traditions are common among families and churches? A: Advent doesn’t seem to be a thing here where they would take the whole month to focus on Christ. Honestly, this is the time of year they spend in the fields getting them ready for planting so that the rains can be the most effective. They are in survival mode trying to make what they have stretch to the next harvest season. For churches - most of them are used to having a program (mostly done by kids). Last year, I did a stick drama with about 7 kids. For families - there is a milk bread that is made here (very yummy and sells out quickly). If you are in the village it is hard to get fresh, but they will try to get it the day before Christmas and butter to have for breakfast. I believe that celebrating Christmas has become a thing because of the missionary influence, whether it be British or American, so many of their traditions are very Western. They are just starting to have Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments. Q: Are there local holiday meals or treats that you particularly enjoy? If able, please share a recipe with us. A: The local tradition is to have nsima (crushed white maize that is made into white thick mash potato-like patties) and is served with village chicken and ndiyo (relish - soup type side). If they have extra funds they may do rice instead of nsima. While we don’t have this at Christmas it is one of our boys’ favorite meals any other time we may have it. Q: During the 3rd week of Advent, we will light the Joy candle and read Psalm 20. How do you see this theme reflected in the lives of local believers? What needs in your local culture relate to this theme? How can we pray for Haiti in light of this theme? A: With this being such a new work, knowing who are true believers vs. those who claim to be believers is difficult. Seeing new believers trying to live out their faith in a community that is bound in bondage to jealousy is a joy in and of itself. Because everyone knows everyone and they rely on each other (I’ll do for you if you do for me”), if they try to be different or do differently, it is

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