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Beverly Burton Ha i t i

Pray for followers of Jesus to boldly tell unbelievers (voodoo parents and siblings) about the good news of Jesus. A: The theme of peace in Isaiah 9:2-7 is what sustains the Haitian followers of Jesus. There is no government to care for the people, no police to keep them safe, very few parents to provide for the children, very few people who love like Jesus taught us.We teach our 249 students and staff to talk to Jesus each day to tell Him their needs and desires. He gives the only peace Haitians truly know. How can you pray for Haiti? 1. 2. Pray for gangsters to give their life to Jesus. 3. Pray for each follower of Jesus to have a full portion of His peace, joy, and love in their spirit. Q: During the 2nd week of Advent, we will light the Peace candle and read Isaiah 9:2-7. How do you see this theme reflected in the lives of local believers? What needs in your local culture relate to this theme? How can we pray for Haiti in light of this theme? Q: How else can we pray for your family, other believers, and your local culture? A: How can you pray for me and Haitians? 1. For me to be obedient and do everything God asks me to do. 2. For Patricia (Director) and Toutoute (Administrative Director), teachers, and staff - that God will fill them with the abundance of His peace, joy, and love because their daily life is filled with hunger, uncertainty, and fear. 3. For Peacemaker School students to have good health, protection from evil, food, and clean water to drink. Q: How does your local culture celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas? What traditions are common among families and churches? A: Haitians do not celebrate Advent in the churches or schools. But this sounds like a good tradition to begin at Peacemaker School. There are no presents given or received, no trees, decorations, or cards. Instead, Christian families go to church on Christmas Eve and Day to worship for many hours.

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