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Peace Illumined By Life from “Sheltering Mercy: Prayers Inspired by the Psalms” Ryan Whitaker Smith & Dan Wilt be one of thanks to You; every thought in my mind a meditation on Your goodness. All I am, all I have, is from your hand - You, the Giver; me, the happy recipient of breath and bread; of beauty, joy, and grace. The wise among us know their own poverty; their unpayable debt to You. The only response is gratitude: heartfelt thanks for all You have done. But You are not only Provider, not only Lord; You have condescended to dwell with us - a knowable God. I have reached for You and found You. I have known the comfort of Your Spirit; the tenderness of Your mercy. I have traded my worries for the peace of Your presence. I am illumined by Your life, Your face shining upon me: a dim mirror, awaiting glory. How could I turn back to what I once was? Father, may every word on my tongue

I was just a beggar at the door of grace, but You welcomed me in; heard my story; offered me a seat at Your table; commanded the hosts of Heaven to watch over me. I am a permanent guest in the house of God - If only all could trust in Your goodness - would they not be ushered in as I have been? Awed by Your glory, quieted by Your presence? So many starve outside the banquet hall, while the doors are open, and the table is set. The secret of the universe is not so difficult to find. I could tell it in simple verse; in a song; in a children’s tale. You have set life and death before us: the sweet and bitter fruit - our choice. a beneficiary of infinite kindness. In Your presence I lack nothing. planting seeds in shallow soil. Do they not all long for You, unconscious desire burning within them? As for me, I have resolved to walk in Your ways; to tell the truth with mouth, hands, feet: a living witness to Your mercy. You are everywhere, but nowhere so much as with Your children: Faithful Father. Everywhere I look, I see people searching for life in all the wrong places;

Righteous Redeemer. By Your light, we see.

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