Convention Booklet 2024 FINAL (01-22-2024)

105th Annual Convention

2024 CONVENTION NOMINEE PROFILES Delegates will elect new members to positions of diocesan leadership. All nominees were invited to provide a digital photo and to respond to the following question: In 150 words or less: If elected, I would bring the following strengths to this position. Standing Committee, Lay Member

Stephenia Tibbs, Stras Memorial, Tazewell I am a cradle Episcopalian. I am a retired Property and Casualty Insurance Claims Adjuster with strong communication and organizational skills. My prior profession will help enable me to review every situation as it presents itself. I am currently serving at Stras Memorial in Tazewell, VA as Senior Warden, Lay Reader and am currently serving on the Southwestern Virginia Episcopal Fund Board, and a member of the Appalachian Alliance in Southwest Virginia. While serving at other Episcopal Churches in West Virginia and the Tidewater Area of Virginia, I have served on Vestry and as a lay delegate to convention. The Alliance is a unique group of churches, or families, seeking to grow the Episcopal Church in Southwest Virginia. If I were elected to the Standing Committee, I would be proud to bring to the Committee a different way of thinking, taking into account, the different views of this new adventure-The Alliance.

Martin Siebken, St. John’s, Waynesboro I have been a member of St. John's, Waynesboro for 33 years and have worn many hats during that time including vestry membership, youth leader, and EFM Mentor. I have also served as a Convention Delegate for St. John's, and I am very familiar with the polity of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southwest Virginia. Professionally I have held leadership roles in both operational and project planning and execution at a large manufacturing facility. I also serve on the Augusta County Recycle Board and chair the steering team for the Church World Service CROP Hunger Walk in Waynesboro/East Augusta County. If elected, I will serve to the best of my abilities.

Peggy Whitehead, Grace, Massies Mill As a long time member of Grace Church, Massies Mill, I have served our congregation in a number of capacities, including Vestry , choir, altar guild, as chair of the most recent Search Committee. I have also had the opportunity to represent Grace at a number of Diocesan Councils and Conventions in the past, and enthusiastically bring the small church perspective in whatever capacity I serve. Recognizing and supporting the importance of the Diocese and its role in our Episcopal Church life, I would be honored to serve on the Standing Committee.


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