Convention Booklet 2024 FINAL (01-22-2024)

105th Annual Convention SAMPLE BALLOT

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STANDING COMMITTEE Nominees are listed by Convocation.

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Marty Siebken, Waynesboro - St. John's Stephania Tibbs, Tazewell - Stras Memorial Peggy Whitehead, Massies Mill - Grace Andrew Cochran, Roanoke - St. James

The Rev. Boyd Evans, Abingdon - St. Thomas The Rev. Katherine Doyle, Covington - Emmanuel The Rev. Allison Caudill, Clifford - St. Mark's The Very Rev. Scott West, Blacksburg - Christ The Rev. Karin MacPhail, Roanoke - St. Elizabeth's Standing Committee Clergy Member - Vote for one (1) *

DISCIPLINARY BOARD Nominees are listed by Convocation.

Steven Palmer, St. Paul - St. Mark's Susan Palmer, Staunton - Trinity Martin Tolhoek, Lynchburg - Grace Thomas Copenhaver, Salem - St. Paul's Disciplinary Board Lay Member - Vote for one (1) * The Rev. Emily Edmondson, The Appalachian Alliance The Ven. Brian Hutcherson, Non-Parochial The Rev. Matt Rhodes, Forest - St. Stephen's The Rev. John Adams, Martinsville - Christ Disciplinary Board Clergy Member - Vote for one (1) *

By clicking “I Acknowledge” and submitting this ballot, I confirm that I am a Clergy Delegate or Lay Delegate of the 105th Convention of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. I also confirm that I am not presently serving as an Alternate or participating as a Visitor of this Convention. I understand that if I inadvertently submit multiple ballots, the final ballot form I submit will be used as my final and definitive ballot for this round of voting. *

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