Community Foundation of the Virginias 2022 Annual Report

John and Katherine McLeod Mr. Alfred C. Mead, Jr. Ms. Sharon Miller Mr. Barnes Moore Mr. Turner Moore Ms. Susan Morgan Lawrence E. and Carolyn L. Morhous Ms. Laura Hart Murray Ms. Catherine Colan Muth Dr. David Olive Ms. Catherine C. Payne Mr. Allen Peacock Ms. Virginia A. Peacock Mr. Robert E. Perkinson, Jr. Ms. Dafney K. Peters Mr. Dennis Peters Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Pullins Mr. Kevin Reeder Thomas and Elizabeth Richardson Mr. James V. Righter Mr. Robert Righter Mabeline M. and Michael Robinson Ms. Teresa A. Robinson Mr. Peter R. Romano Rachel and George Sanborn Byron K. and Gail K. Satterfield Ms. Connie Saunders

Charles D. and Connie J. Shortridge James H. and Diane Shott Mr. and Mrs. John Shott

Ms. Karen Shott Mr. Edward Shutt Ms. Renee Simon

Ronald and Patricia Smiley Daniel D. and Lecia L. Smith Michael K. and Michele E. Smith Ms. Margaret Snow Mr. Thomas Snow W. Fred and Santina St. John Mr. Charles A. Stacey Ms. Rebecca Steorts Wayne S. and Cindy A. Stonestreet Mark and Amy Stowers Mr. William C. Swope Mr. and Mrs. Peter Taylor Ms. Melinda B. Thomas Harry and Sandra Thompson Diana C. and Benjamin M. Tibbs Brian K. and Lise E. Tracey David R. and Mary Lou Warden Bruce and Genise Whitehurst Donald L. and Mary K. Williams Shawn P. and Steven J. Williams Carl and Barbara Wilson Mr. Thomas Woolley Ms. Sandra Zanko Joe and Sheila Zichettella

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Scott David and Brenda Scruggs Dr. Michael Shahan Dr. and Mrs. James Shanklin


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