CFV Annual Report 2021


Eddie Adkins Mr. and Mrs. Nick Ameli Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ammar

Mrs. Cary Hart Tony Hawkinson Mrs. Kathleen Hitt JAM Family Foundation Mrs. Julie Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Norris Kantor Mr. and Mrs. David Katz Donna J. Kelly Mr. K. A. Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. Don Kersey David Kirk

Debrah K. Ammar Mary Jane Ammar Anonymous

Mr. John Ayers J. David Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bailey Norma Mahood Bay Mr. and Mrs. Randall Belt Mrs. Jean Billips Marie Blackwell Mary J. Blankenship Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bolyard Steve and Vicki Bourne Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bovenizer Jeffrey Brannon

Doit and Melodye Koppler Dr. and Mrs. M. Kuppusami Mr. Michael H. Lilly Mr. and Mrs. Charles Macomber Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mariotti Mr. Richard Marrs Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marrs

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brewster Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brewster Gerri Broyles Lamie Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Burnette Lynn and Russ Burney Mrs. Elaine Catron Mr. and Mrs. George Chandler Mr. Charlie Cole Mr. William Paul Cole, III Ms. Loretta Corte Skip Crane Daniel and Lovetta Currence Robert Duff Mrs. Karen Dye Mr. William D. Evans First Bank & Trust Company Linda Fletcher Jeff and Lynn Forlines Mr. John W. and Dr. Susan Home Frazer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gallimore

Mr. J. R. Marrs Timothy Marrs Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Marrs Mr. Art Mead Mercer-Tazewell Co. Multiple Listing Service

Fred and Cathy Muth Catherine Colan Muth Tom and Sara Parker Mrs. Sharon Perkinson Mrs. Dafney Peters Preservati Family Charitable Trust Quota Club of South Bluefield Mr. Robert Ramey Ramey Toyota Mrs. Carolyn Roseberry Rachel and George Sanborn Mr. Jack Sarver Mrs. Shirley Saunders Dr. and Mrs. William D. Scott Dr. and Mrs. James Shanklin Mr. and Mrs. Dave Shields Margaret Shires Mr. Mike Shott Karen Shott Mr. James H. Shott Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shott Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shutt

Gale Gillespie Glenwood Park Mr. and Mrs. James Goforth Richard Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Hagy Dr. William L. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Simon

Jane Dooley Stuart


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