Boys & Girls Clubs of SWVA 2023 Impact Report

UNVEILING THE MAGIC WITHIN: a journey in impactful storytelling S ince 2021, we have been dedicated to creating immersive storytelling experiences for our community. In 2023,

we took a bold step into the world of podcasting by creating The Magic Within Podcast as our vehicle to deliver impact stories and engage our audience in a meaningful way.

Our magic lies in the unwavering commitment to empower and nurture the potential of every

We created a

young individual who walks through our doors. The experiences, relationships, and safe spaces we create serve as a foundation, challenging local youth to overcome obstacles and stride confidently toward great futures. In each of the 5 episodes, we dove into challenges faced by local youth and how Boys & Girls Club stands beside them and their families. Through heartfelt interviews with community experts, partners, Club parents, staff, alumni, and kids, we explored the topics of upward

mobility, mental health, violence, acceptance, and learning loss.


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